Xoby - How It Works

Find all your favorite organic items in one place!

You’re a conscious consumer and want the best organic food and supplies for you and your family. Instead of spending hours running to multiple stores to put together a full organic shopping list, Xoby makes it easier than ever by making all these items available in one place.

Add products to a box

You can create one box or 20. Boxes for each member of the family or separate boxes for snacks and baby items. All items are organized by category and are quick and easy to find. Once you find the products you’re looking for, simply add them to the appropriate box.

Choose your delivery schedule

You can put all your boxes on a delivery schedule so they are arriving right when you need them. Or, give Xoby a try without commitment — shop for your favorite items and make a One Time Purchase at checkout.

Choose a delivery address

You can have your box sent to your home, work, or your Aunt Flo! Store your delivery addresses in your account and choose one for each box.

Set your payment info

You can set a unique payment option for each box. They all get stored in your account so you don’t have to enter them each time.

That’s it!

Your personalized box will arrive right at your doorstep.